WEEK 17: Process

Working at Humour Me and watching the company grow from what it was when I joined to what it is now, it is clear that defined systems and processes are the most essential elements for sustainable development (this holds true for our country as well). As someone who loves organised systems, it’s nice to see the company improving in this way.

However, substantial change does not happen overnight, and we still face process-related issues from time to time. This happened with the last film that we created, in which the outlined process was not followed, which in turn led to multiple problems at a later stage. There was even talk of going out of pocket to re-shoot the film. Thankfully, the edit team was able to salvage the film out of the existing footage and we did not have to re-shoot.

One part of our efforts to better our systems has been to make sure that all important conversations are documented on an email. This means that even if something simple needs to be done, the person delegating the task will ask for it on an email so that it is formally documented. But sometimes, when we are feeling a little mischievous, we tend to play around with this system. For example, the other day one of our team members wanted the fan turned off and when the person sitting next to the fan switch refused, an email was sent to all of us outlining the issue as follows:


I wanted the fan to be switched off and _____ is refusing to do it.

Please resolve this issue. 


To this, the accused responded:


On another note, our new Account Manager just saw me writing this journal entry and asked to be mentioned. I feel obliged to grant her request, so allow me to briefly digress and tell you a little something about her. She recently joined us from Zomato, and even though she is nearly thirty years old, she just tried to scare our other Account Manager as she was coming out of the bathroom.

Clearly, age is just a number.

Yesterday we posted a new illustration on Arctic Fox’s Instagram page that depicted a dancer who combined Hip Hop with Bharatanatyam to create their own genre. The caption read ‘For the future Raja Kumaris, fusion artists, and those who create genres of their own’. This morning, we woke up to a pleasant surprise – Raja Kumari herself saw our post and shared it on her Instagram story! Here is what she posted:


Other than that, it’s work as usual. More projects are under way, and even though it does not seem like it from the contents of this entry, we are actually working hard.

See you next week!

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