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  • January 12, 2019




Xiaomi: Grain Mosaic – Integrated Campaign


We created an Independence Day campaign in which Xiaomi both celebrated its
all time sales high at the time, as well as expressed its gratitude to India in a
socially conscious way, for helping them achieve this landmark.
To say thank you, we created the world’s largest grain mosaic, covering 6,000 sq.
ft. The grains were later donated to NGOs that would give them to those in need.


                                          Paper Boat: Rizwan – Digital Film



After their initial success in the market, Paper Boat decided that it was time for a
serious branding exercise, designed to capture their personality as a brand, and
generate high recall among consumers.
Keeping with their nostalgic personality, we created a story that highlights the
connection between the senses (particularly smell and taste) and memory, thus
seamlessly substantiating their tagline, ‘drinks and memories’.