“Shift the Streets”, Adidas Originals

We take to the streets to launch a new brand ambassador through an exciting event


Adidas Originals wanted to launch their brand ambassador, Ranveer Singh, through a unique event that would draw more people to their store as well as generate awareness about their new ambassador.

Our Approach

Adidas Originals’ brand personality is very youthful, urban and edgy. Instead of doing a simple event involving a press conference with the new brand ambassador, we decided to show Adidas Originals’ audience why Ranveer Singh was the perfect choice for the same – through a rap battle.


Hundreds of people thronged at the Adidas Originals event to watch Ranveer Singh perform as the new brand ambassador. Adidas Originals received the traction and awareness their desired, solidifying Ranveer Singh as their new ambassador.