#NoMiWithoutYou Grain Mosaic, Xiaomi

A milestone is achieved, a world record is broken, and a brand gives back


Around the time of Independence Day, 2017, Redmi Note 4 sales reached a then all –time high of 5 million. Xiaomi wanted to create an integrated campaign to thank their community for making this happen.

Our Approach

We decided that the best way for Xiaomi to show their appreciation would be to give back to the community. To symbolize their gratitude, we created the largest grain mosaic in the world, covering an area of 6000 sq. ft. For this campaign we conceptualised the ‘No Mi Without You’ thought which has remained a theme through numerous successive campaigns.
We involved a few Indian icons such as Virender Sehwag, Mithali Raj and Boman Irani, with whom we then created Xiaomi’s Leadership Series. The creation of the mosaic was filmed and accompanied by an original sound track titled ‘No Mi Without You’ All the grains in the completed mosaic were given to NGOs who would donate them to those in need.


In a short span of time, the campaign received over 4 million views, with a massive positive sentiment from viewers.