“Laapata”, Airtel

Exploring comedy as a way for a brand to engage with its community


Airtel wanted to create a communication piece to launch their latest international roaming plan. Their goal was to quickly grab their audience’s attention and spread awareness about their new product.

Our Approach

To create a communication piece that truly resonated with Airtel’s audience, we required a relevant insight. We realised that there is one thing that happens to most Indians when they travel abroad – they go ‘missing’. Most cannot afford expensive international roaming plans, so instead they choose to drop off the radar when they travel. We collaborated with Varun Thakur to do a stand-up show called ‘Laapata’ (‘Missing’), based on the aforementioned insight. The communication piece concluded by telling viewers that Airtel’s new international roaming plan allows for them to travel abroad without going ‘missing’ anymore.


Our stand-up show was distributed online as an integrated campaign, thereby giving Airtel’s audience entertaining content that also generated awareness and recall about their new international roaming plan.