“December to Remember”, Nearbuy

We give a routine promotional event a completely new look


Nearbuy.com is a hyper-local e-commerce platform which allows customers to discover, buy and save on merchants nearest to them. At the end of each year, the brand hosts a promotional campaign called ‘December to Remember’ that allows users to access the best parties in their locality at discounted rates.
The brand wanted to create a short communication piece to promote this campaign and generate awareness and brand-recall among consumers. This communication piece would be promoted through social media, as well as in PVRs throughout the country.


Our Approach

We saw a key opportunity for this campaign when we were informed that it would be screened in PVRs. The most ignored part of a movie experience is the advertisements. During this time, people are usually outside the movie hall, or on their phones. Hardly anyone is actually looking at the screen.
We decided to take on this challenge of getting our audience to not only look at the screen, but to also actively follow the content they see. To do this, we were led to thinking about the what people are excited to see at the movies (apart from the obvious) and the answer presented itself to us – the trailers.
While nobody enjoys the advertisements at the movies, everyone enjoys the trailers. So we decided to package Nearbuy’s communication piece as a trailer in one of the most attention-grabbing genres – horror. We created a mock horror trailer and positioned Nearbuy’s event as a soon to be released film.


Sure enough, the campaign instantly appealed to consumers, thereby increasing awareness of the brand and its event across the country.