WEEK 36: Progress Report

Last week the production team set out for the picturesque tea gardens of Coonoor to shoot a film for Vahdam teas. The shoot was supposed to involve the children who lived at the tea estates, but the team encountered an unexpected challenge on that regard. Due to various delays, this shoot happened a while after it was initially scheduled for, and we failed to take the children’s school schedules into account. As a result, with days leading up to the shoot the production team was informed that the children were currently taking their exams and could not participate in the shoot. This put the team in a bit of a fix, but luckily they were able to adjust their schedule so as to require the children’s participation for only an hour or so.

In all other aspects the shoot went well. The production team is now back in Delhi and working on the plethora of tasks that are currently pending.

The creative team was approached by a new school called the Film School of India. They wanted our help to build a brand for themselves. Our week was spent thinking of an entire content strategy and distribution plan for them. Our ideas were greeted with enthusiasm, and we are now delving further into content creation.

Last week was fairly uneventful otherwise. We have an interesting shoot with Bhuvan Bam coming up, so stay tuned to find out how that goes!

See you next week!

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