WEEK 35: Chaos

I hope everyone had a happy Holi! I went on a bit of a
hiatus to spend time with my family, but I’m back now, ready to faithfully
update you on the various happenings at Humour Me.

The week began with a spirited debate. Arctic Fox’s CEO told
us that he wanted to consider signing on Bhuvan Bam, one of India’s most successful
YouTubers (12 million subscribers), as the brand ambassador. This led to a long
internal discussion. We generally do not believe in using a brand ambassador
just for the sake of it, as that does not add any value to a brand; the brand
simply uses the influence of the ambassador without there being any true
connection between the two.

However, when we looked at Bhuvan Bam’s story, we found that
it resonated very strongly with Arctic Fox’s core values – he had a dream and
decided to chase it, refusing to take no for an answer. He encountered many
obstacles along the way, but never gave up. And his hard work and perseverance
paid off.

We realised that there was scope for a true partnership with
Bhuvan Bam if we bring his story to the forefront and establish a strong brand
connection on an ideological level. This would mean that we wouldn’t be simply
using Bhuvan Bam for his influence – signing him on as a brand ambassador would
be a strategic move in building the brand Arctic Fox.

So we took a deep breath, and for the first time ever,
signed on a brand ambassador for one of our partner brands. We did a photo shoot
with him and made a short video introducing him as the brand ambassador.

We were not ready for what happened next.

Our social media posts immediately received a massive amount
of traction, with people commenting and sharing the posts on their own social
media. We gained over 1500 followers on Instagram in two days, and so many
people visited the Arctic Fox website that it crashed!

We were reeling under the impact for days.


Speaking of websites crashing, a few days ago we opened our own Humour Me website to find it like this:

And what’s worse, here’s what the journal looked like:

I was speechless. Not only had the developer added entries that I had nothing to do with, but they were also a grammatical nightmare! Here’s an example:

We are a creative agency, and while we can design a website, we cannot build it from scratch. We had hired a developer to do this for us, and while the going was slow, we had managed to complete the website and get it up and running. So to find it suddenly like this came as a gargantuan shock to all of us.

At this moment of chaos, one of our interns really proved his worth. He is studying in IIT, and sat in on the discussion with the developer. With his technical knowledge he was able to get to the bottom of things and hold the developer accountable in a way that none of us could.

I was not a part of this meeting, but when it ended, the team was practically composing odes to the intern.

Our website is back to normal now, and we have moved on to our next project – a shoot for Vahdam teas.

See you next week!

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