WEEK 31: Short and Sweet

This week went by in a blur of content strategy discussions, media targeting and scriptwriting.The script for the Red Fort show has to be almost entirely rewritten to do justice to its history. The team has spent multiple weekends working on the script, and is hoping to have it ready within the next couple of days. We’ve had a series of birthdays at the office, and have learned one thing from them – we are terrible at singing ‘Happy Birthday’. We are forever out of sync and can never manage to sing in the same key. One of the people celebrating their birthdays this week was our CEO. At Humour Me, we typically get the day off on our birthdays. But on his birthday, our CEO not only chose to come to the office, but also held a two hour long discussion with the rest of the team. We have also started creating long form content for Humour Me in the form of podcasts. These podcasts talk about the state of advertising today, the future of advertising and how Humour Me fits into the picture. The first episode has already been released – you can listen to it here:

https://soundcloud.com/dhruv-sachdeva/the-humour-me-podcast-episode-1-what-will-the-future-of- advertising-look-like

Other than that, there really is nothing to report. There will be quite a few new team members joining us soon, and we all look forward to meeting them.
See you next week!

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