“The Grandmasters”, 1mg

The most dedicated guardians of the Hippocratic Oath are brought to the forefront in this documentary mini-series


The institution of medicine and healthcare today is shrouded in a cloud of doubt. With healthcare becoming more expensive, and doctors becoming more corrupt, an epidemic of distrust is spreading across the nation. 1mg is an online healthcare brand that is trying to rebuild faith in the medical institution through honesty, integrity and transparency.
The brand wanted to create a campaign that highlighted their value system, not by positioning themselves as a superior brand, but by uplifting the medical community as a whole.

Our Approach

Instead of taking a pedantic route and educating audiences about 1mg, we decided to create a content series that featured those who embodied the brand’s vision – true guardians of the Hippocratic Oath, who remained dedicated to serving their patients with honesty, integrity and transparency, well after retirement. Their work is a testament to the fact that there are many doctors who are genuinely putting their patients first. This series was created as a set of documentary shorts, each following the work and lifestyles of these grandmasters, whose ages ranged from 85 to 102.


This series was shared over 1700 times, and solidified 1mg’s positioning among consumers.