Leadership Series, Xiaomi

Indian icons tell you what it takes to be a leader in a series inspired by masterclass.com


When the Redmi Note 4 phone by Xiaomi became one of the highest selling smartphones in India, the brand wanted to showcase its leadership position through a disruptive campaign.

Our Approach

Instead of creating a conventional campaign to announce their leadership position, we decided that Xiaomi should celebrate the idea of leadership by giving back something of value to their audience. Thus, the Leadership Series was born. This series was inspired by masterclass.com, and featured multiple leaders like Virender Sehwag, Boman Irani and Mithali Raj, who had risen to the top in their respective careers. Through the series, these leaders shared valuable information and insights to inspire others who were interested in similar careers.
This idea allowed Xiaomi to own the space of leadership, not just physically in the market, but also in the minds of consumers. This series integrated Xiaomi’s position in the market with a larger concept of leadership in a seamless way.


Each featured leader attracted their own unique audience, which exponentially increased the organic reach of the content. The series generated over 9 million views across varied media, and is the first of its kind to be created by a brand in India.


Episode - 1

Episode - 2

Episode - 3