Job Description:
We are looking for creative writers who can come up with imaginative copies for alternative/non-traditional campaigns. This role requires being able to think out of the box and link traditional brand positioning with creative content ideas. This will helps brands differentiate themselves across varied media.


Graphic Designer
Job Description:
We are looking for experienced designers with an eye for detail, who are able to bring a creative vision to life. This role will require the ability to express innovative ideas and concepts through design, while retaining their integrity.


Client Servicing Manager
Job Description:
The Client Servicing Manager serves as a connection between Humour Me and its clients. We are looking for people with exceptional interpersonal skills who will be able to maintain company-client
relationships. This role involves a variety of responsibilities, from initiating a meeting with a new client to researching and
understanding their needs. The Client Servicing Manager will be the first point of contact for clients and will be responsible for all aspects of the delivery of work to them.



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