The world is shrinking. News is now custom fitted and delivered to you along with your breakfast in bed - convenience, is the means and the end. Websites are shrinking into apps. The efforts to personalise information might just completely obliterate the former very soon. Content has been digitized and can be viewed at one’s own comfort. Even Facebook has launched its own marketplace

Gone are the days when the net was cast as wide as possible. There truly are plenty of fish in the sea. The net that has become narrower and more specific, now agencies cater to specific kinds of fish with customised bait. 

The science of data drives the creative vision today. Every product has its own market and audience. A glance at the Jewelry advertisements like for Tanishq’s child brand Mia, catering to the modern, workingwoman - serves as an apt example of how the clientele is reducing to smaller, more exclusive pockets of particular age groups with specific sets of interests.

The debate arises whether the science of data is driving the artistic vision today or can the latter survive without the former in the data crunching and munching 21 st century? With your life literally becoming an open book with constant updates on highs and lows through social media uploads and shared preferences; we are the jackpot for the world of advertising.

Advertising is quite data-informed today. It knows exactly what you want and caters to your taste. Social interactions have shifted to the digital realm and have enabled networking to not only nullify geographical restrictions but also rid the world of the language barrier, create a multi-cultural environment and a plethora of communities - each different from the first. It has further enabled the user to find like-minded people above and beyond your own limited circles.

This is data that drives and influences brands and agencies today. Snapchat stories, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram posts and even pinning something to your board on Pinterest help them to create a connection between you and the product hence, the same brands and agencies alter stories for your consummation. They know the user better than the user knows themselves and hence know if their product is applicable to them or more realistically, whether the user is suitable for their product.

The game has changed. A creator can modify any story with a different protagonist as per his or her choice now. There is an entirely different range of interests waiting to be explored.  

Advertising has become an experience in today’s world. It evokes real emotions and sweeps you off your feet via authentic, in-depth storytelling. Science and art have become conjoined twins; one cannot function without the other. With the personalisation of the digital field is combined with the power and emotions of the process of storytelling. And the result is phenomenal.

Let’s exemplify this. At a recent major U.S. golf tournament, Deloitte Digital experimented with the trend of data-driven creatives. It combined the force data and the magic of technology to create a unique experience for all the VIP invitees with an idea called ‘Signature Swing’. The idea was to track the movement of the golf club as the player swung it in their own personal style. While this happened, motion sensors detected a unique pattern for every guest. By the end of the tournament not only did the invitees have vivid memories of light and gasping moments, they also took back their own exclusive ‘Signature Swings’. All it took was a concoction of technology and art to provide to each attendee a personalized, computer generated abstract artwork of their swing. 

Expressing oneself is all about what social media stands for today. Your expressions become the window that let brands take a peek into your life hence, they are able to get to know you. Everyone is passionate about something and is always looking for platforms to express oneself. Social media gives you the tools to do so. And through these tools, brands and agencies create an affinity with their audiences. A great deal of sophisticated data-science goes in the process to cast a wider net but without the human insight, data can only take you so far. 

So the debate whether advertising is an art or a science is quite futile. It is a very well balanced and a carefully crafted amalgamation of both. To demystify it - the combination of art and science would deliver your favorite wine just the way you like it, but without the other you'll be guided to a recommended restaurant. So next time you dine out or share a new video, do remember that a lot of sophistication, a bit of data, art and science and a lot of personalisation went into it. 

So that you could have it in front of you, just the way you like it.