Close your eyes for a second. Drown out the background noise and the hustle bustle of every day struggles. 
Un-adult it. 
Go back to the carefree days and sublime evenings; go back to childhood- a time of unbridled laughter, unwrinkled smiles and adventures of a lifetime. 

Now un-un-adult it.

Suddenly the horns, the deadlines, the expectations and the cacophonous rhythm of adult life, break your reverie and shake you back to reality. You sigh, hoping for a little magic that transports you back to your yesteryears.

Hope the Boat is that magic carpet that transcends time and space and takes you back to the first time you found, loved and cherished a dream. It is an attempt to reduce the gap between reality and dreams. 

Paper Boat and Humour Me deliver a story of love, inspiration and aspiration in the form of Hope the Boat, which  is India’s first 3D, animated short film

It is a story of a boat, embarked upon a journey to fulfill a wish. The film focuses more on the expedition than the destination. Hope faces numerous obstacles- ferocious winds; threatening beasts and literally is swept off its feet by a bus. But it never gives up. 
It has a dream and all it knows is to achieve that. A thoughtful reflection on the lives we lead today, where dreams take a backseat and paychecks become priority. 

Come hop onto Hope the Boat, as we take you through our own journey of creating and producing this Animation film for Paper Boat.


Paper Boat stands for innovation, ingenuity and innocence. With a brand tagline of ‘Drinks and Memories’ it has always delivered campaigns that stand out, touch hearts and strike a chord. Hence, it wasn’t surprising when Humour Me was approached by the brand with a brief that simply demanded something innovative and original. With a history of mutual understanding, creative camaraderie and desperation to raise the bar of creativity higher every time, Hope the Boat finally set sail.


India, a bubbling cauldron of raw talent and vision, unfortunately lacks innovation in 3-D animation. Hence with the aim to mold visual storytelling into a much more penetrable and malleable form, Humour Me decided to create India’s first 3-D animation with the finesse and quality of their western counterparts. May it be the direction or execution, it had to be created of a standard that had never been achieved before. Humour Me was very well aware of the task but the challenge was too exciting to decline. 

Animation is believably the most applicable and relatable medium to connect each and every member of the audience. It allows you to take the leap in imagination to infinite possibilities. It is magical. It takes you on a journey of pure inquisitiveness and you can’t help but shrink into a seven-year-old boy or girl and hope that your dream comes true. 
You can’t help but root for Hope the Boat.


Founder and Director Dhruv Sachdeva wrote the script for the film and along with Clifford Afonso (Senior Creative Manager) pitched it to Paper Boat. The concept stuck and clicked instantly and Humour Me delivered the animation film in the ridiculously small period of two and a half months. 
It was quite a herculean task. The team worked for seventy-five sleepless nights. About a hundred odd passionate people contributed their skills from all over the country and around eighty thousand odd hours were spent on mere editing and animation. Approximately five hundred computers consumed a total of forty thousand gigabytes of data. And at last, two and a half months later, the daunting task finally culminated into a beautiful three dimensional dream. 


In a world of wired connections, virtual relations, temporary existences, forgotten memories and hastening paces; it is a necessity to slow down a little and to cherish those moments that keep you warm and secure. The same as understood by Humour Me, resulted in the idea to make paper boats- a symbol of laughter and storytelling, relevant again. 

Paperbacks are shrinking into Kindles; breezy walks are speeding up into air-conditioned hospitality; teary letters are translating into emojis and the innocence and curiosity of our childhood is getting lost into manipulative and coercive realities. Hence it was important to bring back the paper boat- a symbol of purity, endeavor and imagination.
Hence the idea was simple. Even if the film could convince one child to unplug the technology and jump into puddles|, the aim would have been achieved. Humour Me wanted nothing more but to drive home an emotional connect.


Animation was a steep learning curve, every single one of the shots needed to be sketched out on a piece of paper. The story came to life in its simplest form before Hope was floating through the streets on a screen.
And, in less than five minutes, Hope the Boat wins you over with its childlike delusion, its adorable squeaks and its inquisitive investigations. 


The story narrates the tale of a young boy who dreams to be aboard the Great Indian Cruise. The boy is gazing at a framed picture of the ship when suddenly a piece of paper flies in through the window. He playfully folds the paper into a boat and sets the boat to sail downstream. Suddenly the boat comes alive as Hope the Boat and thereafter, the film follows the paper boat’s journey.

A story that takes you back to the uncomplicated days of our childhood is undoubtedly sure to find resonance in every heart that sets eyes on the film. It did in fact click instantly. With over a million views already and numerous features by reputed platforms- Adage, Scoop Whoop, Hungry Forever, Afaqs, Campaign India and CNBC- TV 18 to name a few; many have found this to be a story that deserves to reach every screen and touch every heart. 
A powerful idea makes its own sales pitch; a good story finds its own readers and a brilliant storyteller finds its own audience. The key is to put yourself in the shoes of the brand and create a product that will make you fall in love first with it. The goal is to communicate the idea in the most tangible, personal and sincere way possible. Humour Me, being all about branded entertainment, feels the pulse of a brand and understands why communicating a story or a mere idea needs to be done in the most beautiful way possible. 

Now take a moment and make a paper boat. The dream that got buried under paperwork and deadlines, let it sail again. Hope taught us to be curious, undeterred and a little daredevil and we hope this film inspires you to flit and float a little more and of course hope a little more.