1. Humour Me is the first entertainment company to dabble with experiential entertainment in unique formats in the country.

Ghost Stories

Dinner For Pricks

Dinner For Pricks

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2. Humour Me is not a theatre company!

Cannot emphasize this enough…Next time you meet us and ask us "when’s your next play?" Think again…we are a Branded Entertainment company that creates unique content across varied media- from concerts, podcasts, videos to even T.V. we can do it all!

3. Humour Me produced and created the country’s first original English musical of scale,

Much before the latest Disney ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trend. An original album, 22 rotating sets, 6000 packed audiences at Siri Fort…Yes we did it all! Bank rolled a musical of immense grandeur without the support of a conglomerate! And, almost went bankrupt! Twice! Well…the hard work paid off

and here is some of the music -

4.  All of Humour Me's work is original!

We never borrow or adapt from other sources. We believe in developing ‘Intellectual Properties’ for the future. Warner Brothers and The Disney Theatrical Group also started somewhere. A FEW CENTURIES LATER - we’ll cash our ideological cheque from the grave. 

5.  True Story- Humour Me once re-created ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of DOOM!’

For a 12 year old girl, her father a Russian Billionaire with a heavy hand on his 10 thousand dollar-a-sip Vodka wanted something special. The result- 24 hours of immersive entertainment in Jaipur, 64 hired actors, the Jaipur Palace, Aghori Babas, Snake charmers, SPY-CAMS, a re-created temple of Doom, fight choreographies, planted articles and well…an experience of a life time!

6.     Humour me is not a comedy company!

Why is an airline or cola company called Virgin? Is it only meant for that target audience? No! That’s ridiculous.

The answer- Richard Branson modeled his company name around the emphasis of a ‘first’. Similarly, Humour Me comes from the fact that we believe in championing the emotion and adrenalin behind an adventure, a shot! Trying something different! Something audacious… So come take a chance- Humour Me?

7.    Make good art and drive a Jaguar!

We wanted our creativity to have commercial value. The arts have always been portrayed in a way that the honest man fights the good fight and makes a living from championing irrelevant art! What happens when one company makes a difference? Makes a decent living… whilst staying true to their art? THEY BECOME THE INDUSTRY OUTCASTS! One perception about us- WE ARE CORPORATE SELL OUTS! Well who isn’t? The actor who struggles for years to study at a good Drama school only to stand in a long line of Lokhandwala models for the new VIP briefs advert? The theatre director from RADA who comes back to write copy for an ad agency? Or the stand up comic who makes a living of a larger industry such as…wait….oh yeah! BOLLY-F---ING-WOOD!

We wanted the art and the commerce! Is that so wrong? Aaron Sorkin's writing, Bradley Cooper's good looks, Alejandro G. Inarritus directorial finesse, Stella Adler’s good techniques, Hans Zimmer’s musical finesse and well Sir Martin Sorrell’s money & stats! We wanted the dream! Is that really so bad?


Our biggest strength is music. From musical theatre, pop, R n B, Rock, to even RAP (Ranveer Singh link) we have done it all. We also take pride in our original scores! Over the last 3 years Humour Me has churned out over 120 original songs for corporate and private shows…have a listen! We guarantee you won’t regret it. 

9.  Humour Me is not a group but a company.

We are a creative agency that also produces all of it’s proposed content. We know how to bring our wackiest ideas to life! We create for big brands and agencies-see some of our work! You’ll know.    

10.  And finally,

We have worked, trained and opened our doors to over 700 top of the line artists, creative folk and gurus in our existence! Some very cool film, music and theatre artists started their careers with us, from an audition room to the big stage (metaphorically…). Even if you’ve directly never encountered our work, chances are you’ve heard of us or know of something audacious we’ve done- even if it is an obscure show at a bar with luscious women taking shots of our body over the counter!