SpiceJet- Case Study


Why a live show?

Advertising is evolving and progressing. The need of the hour for brands is not just to advertise and market their products, but also to entertain their audiences. We live in an attention based economy, where attention is a resource and a highly viable asset. This is where branded content creators, like Humour Me step in. There are thousands of brands doing the same thing, so it requires a more elaborative effort to ensure what is put up is among the best. The net worth of a brand is not measured in millions anymore but the real value is the attention value of a brand. The need of the hour is to give the audience what it wants and deliver exactly what it desires.

Hence, branded entertainment is a lifeline for every brand in today’s world. The outreach of a brand isn’t limited to a billboard-advertisement but also to web portals and direct engagement.

The primary reason why Humour Me decided to enter the realm of live shows under the ambit of branded entertainment, to engage with its target audience directly and personally.


How it happened?

In the latter part of the month of May 2015, SpiceJet, in alignment with their constant effort to be practical yet stylish- just like their traveller, decided to re-launch themselves in an attempt to stay new and the smartest amidst their contemporaries.

Humour Me took the reigns from here as it ideated the bizarre yet brilliant concept of a live show with a live audience and curated the best of performers, dancers, singers and production teams to help deliver the objective of the client. Humour Me was approached to create an extravaganza and a gigantic showcase of the passion and enthusiasm of the brand, an exclusive two-pronged event for the media industry, partners and senior executives and the 1000 SpiceJet employees.


The show

Humour Me came up with an incredible concept of putting together 10 songs for each remarkable year of the decade gone by, each highlighting a defining achievement of the airline and overall celebrating a glorious decade and marking the beginning of a new era.

Every song was specially fashioned and composed by Dhruv Sachdeva, (Founder- Humour Me), to highlight the ten glorious components of the company elevated and monumentalized in the last decade. Celebration, Innovation and Leadership, the qualities SpiceJet is revered for, were applauded.

As the room lit up, and the murmuring began, anticipation was palpable and heightening. It was an in-flight entertainment, welcoming the guests aboard. And as the runway lit up and the countdown began, Clifford Afonso’s V for Vendetta impression welcomed everyone aboard the new ‘Spice Jet flight 2015’.

The first element of – Innovation was highlighted by the song ‘Innovation in Aviation’ that marveled the brand to continuously cater to new demands and challenges.

The second performance celebrated the joy of spreading love and happiness, selflessly.

The third song was a special livery, dedicated to the ‘Face on A Plane’- the air hostesses. As the runway turned into a ramp and the heroes graced the stage, a rap song spiced it up. Captain Anushree Verma herself took the stage to show that why should boys have all the fun.

The song ‘Glory’ saluted those who needed a little push, for their dreams to take off. Flying is a routine for very few, a privilege for most and a dream of many, SpiceJet made that dream possible. The CSR model of SpiceJet enabled children from underprivileged backgrounds to soar way above their ground realities, to feel special and equal. Amira Gill rendered a soulful act as for an evening everyone was a believer and an optimist. Dreams can come true.


SpiceJet cares. The next song dramatized the effort of SpiceJet to make its passenger feel secure, satisfied, loved and cherished. It was a birthday song, extending a familial comradeship to all the passengers. The song ‘Taare Naache Tere Sang’ dramatized the personal touch of SpiceJet- someone cares and is always connected.

The next song was a very edgy blues song and also a very crisp one.

‘Transform Your World In A Flash’ complimented the airline for constantly keeping itself up to date with contemporary demands and modifying themselves accordingly.

The Grand finale, culminated with a warm welcome to a bolder, hotter and spicier decade for both the airline and the passengers, continuously trusting the brand to make their air travel more secure.

The Humour Me team scrutinized every detail and supervised every minutia. Every person, who was a part of the production team, worked endlessly and tirelessly; from venue selection, invites to props and costumes; everything was perfected to the last detail.

Chayan Adhikari and Anindo Bose, the masterminds behind the musical arrangements dwelled in excruciating rehearsals with dancers, singers, choirs and performers, numerous late nights and an endless stream of coffee cups.

The reach wasn’t limited to the live audience, comprising of the employees and the media. Ankur, our Visual Designer wired the show to platforms like YouTube, for a larger outreach.

Another brilliant concept was a ‘Behind the Scenes Video’, a trailer that was uploaded as a sneak peak, meant to heighten the anticipation of the viewer or consumer.

The primary reason why the airhostesses became a crucial part of the show, as it made the audience feel it was for them and by them. Whoever had ever been associated or was currently associated with the airlines, in any measure, was made a part of the spectacle. This was wonderfully conveyed through a video compilation of conversations of each employee. Every member, from the youngest to the oldest was asked to reflect on the journey so far and the vision ahead.

The Response

The show began with palpable anticipation and the response was overwhelming and deafening. The reception was empowering; it just wasn’t another job, it was a personalized delivery of expectations.

The phases were contrasting in terms of execution and response, but the parallelism was transparent, it was a success and a resounding one. Humour Me evoked nostalgia, pride, elation and tears. The energy, the vigor, the genuineness, with which the show was created and executed, was appreciated immensely; it resonated with everyone. The audience was rooted throughout the one-hour show with eyes glued in expectation. It was a personalized and comfortable show, and hit a home run with every person.

The extraordinary response and the humongous success also paved the way for the Dubai ‘Spice Agents Awards’. Humour Me broke perceptions, by delivering a not-so-quintessential, non-Bollywood performance. The trust, the belief that Humour Me will deliver a complete package entertainment, was the sole reason the flight took off.

Humour Me offered an unforgettable experience, for that is what Humour Me stands for- an experimental entertainment hub.


It was a daunting task but was executed with finesse and sophistication. In a limited and challenging time frame of 9-12 days, Humour Me, put together a brilliant display, constrained by its only rule- disrupt existing trends and completely re-imagine them.

 Author: Chhaya Dabas