Tell me what lies behind the blue, white and red? I only see a world divided and drowning in apologies. Miles and miles of wet, stinking soil, reeking with our mistakes. No rain or wind can wash away what has been done. There is no land left untouched by these dark hands of hate. We all know the depressing words of grief in every language now. We have been hearing them for years. So who will explain them to those who speak no more? Who will be left to grieve once the wreaths have all dried up? Is this all just to make the gravediggers rich?

They all spit out the word hope like it means anything anymore. Does it really? Can we close our eyes and imagine no countries, no possessions and no hunger? Every breath taken by those who continue to breed hate in our world fills our air with poison. Should we not at least begin to demand for the cure? Ah! The deep rush of wind to the lungs that is truly free from the shattered perceptions of power. Would that even feel real?  

What do the unborn deserve to enter into? Is it even worth stirring them to life? Love, hope, kindness and forgiveness. For now they remain the only pillars that continue to hold up this home. If there is even a thread of it out anywhere today, let it please come to light. Let the prayers, support and spirit from around the world resonate and break the coldest hearts. May the warm rays of acceptance finally quench the undying thirst of humanity as we walk towards a New Year. And may we remember to remember all those who have been wronged.       

                     “We can bomb the world to pieces, but we cannot bomb it to peace”.

Author: Deepika Singh