We hear this in different dialects, in lyrics of songs and see it in the face of reality that "history repeats itself”.  But no one ever tells us that we create and destruct history. We are the ones responsible. It is what we create that comes around. Newton’s third law of motion entails a meaning beyond the construct of science.  “Every action has an opposite and equal reaction”. Today news channels, social media, world leaders, summits and the common man are reeling under the blatant and harsh reality of this law of physics. Our actions have massacred our history and our dilapidated present is a stinging consequence of our exploits.

13/11, the world shook and succumbed to a night of gun and bomb attacks in Paris, death toll rose to 128 as 180 victims still battle for life. 12/11, 43 people lost their lives as two suicide bombers detonated explosives at Bourj el-Barajneh. Baghdad lost 72 civilians and prays for 212, who were gravely injured as a Bomb-packed truck was detonated on 13/8.

Humanity has lost a lot of blood this year, we all are aware of the gruesome numbers. But in this sequence of events and in the face of despair and fear, have we forgotten that the world is suffering from loss and in this loss all of us are the victims.

Some say that wars are the solution to overcome the extremists. Some believe hashtags might convey our condolences to those who have been directly affected. Some believe that we must unite and tackle the negative forces; some suggest counter attacks, to defeat the savages.

That is what we have come to, war for war; kill for kill; loss for loss and death for death.

We have forgotten that suffering is universally felt. Colour, creed, religion, language and other such differences, are our creations. We were all born with the same beating hearts, identical tears and a similar laughter. We all tremble in fear and we all mourn and pray for the lost ones.

Stop blaming and stop pinpointing. It doesn’t matter who hunts you or hurts you, every one bleeds red, so does the hunter.

There is a lot of negativity everywhere. A blame-game is doing the rounds and after every round, someone is pushed forward. But behind this staged theatre of puppets, no one realizes that a mother lost her brainwashed son to ISIS; a brother lost his sibling to the ravages of war; a father lost her daughter in a unprecedented bombing and humanity lost innocents to shackles of brutality and power.

Humour Me makes an attempt to change the perception pitted by every one around us. It wants to reinstall hope, make people reflect upon what John Lennon inked a long time ago, and highlight that even ISIS that claims the responsibility of many of the contemporary attacks, are a creation of religious dismemberment.

It is a creator that assesses its value not in terms of the money it rakes but in the impact it creates. A setup created by a bunch of dreamers who believe in magic and who wish to establish a name based on ingenuity and genuineness.

And as a prayer in the aftermath of loss, despair and suffering, they are trying to send a positive message through a beautiful song, called HOPE. Wholesomely produced by Humour Me, it is a song that aims to invoke and rekindle faith in humanity and forgiveness in our hearts. The song is a strong reminder of where we have reached and from where we started, and it compels us to question and undo the devastation unfolding all around us.

We create borders to mark differences. We call them nations and religions to believe we are not the same. But in the need of the hour, when all is at stake, will our chalk borders stop us from reaching out? Will they prevent us from extending a warm and secure shelter to a stranger and share a tear?

When nothing is left and hope falters and it is only us, left to hold each other’s hand, then no wall can create a barrier. Our souls and our faith will unite us, because in the end, you and I, we are the same- two helpless souls searching for hope.


   Author: Chhaya Dabas