“A Tribute to the Indian Army Medical Corps”, 1mg

An ode to the unsung heroes of the Indian Army


1mg is an online healthcare brand dedicated to rebuilding trust in the medical community through honesty, integrity and transparency. The brand wished to create a Republic Day campaign that stood out from the digital content clutter, and also made strategic sense for the brand.

Our Approach

The Indian army is a widely acknowledged symbol of patriotism. On Republic Day, the army often finds itself in the limelight of the nation’s gratitude. This is reflected in content as well. While we wanted to retain the sense of patriotic fervour in our campaign, we did not want to get lost in the plethora of content that was bound to focus on one topic – the army.
Thus, we decided to create a  mpaign that showcased patriotism with a slightly different perspective. We chose to focus on the silent heroes of the army, who protect the protectors. We created a tribute to the medics of the Indian Armed Forces


Within four days of its release, the campaign generated over 9 lakh views and nearly 6,000 shares. In addition
to this, the campaign was also covered by NDTV.