“A Day in the Life”, Arctic Fox

This non-fiction micro-content series delves into the lives of artists who had to overcome multiple obstacles to achieve their dreams


Arctic Fox is a backpack brand that stands for relentless optimism and perseverance in pursuit of a creative dream. The brand wished to build a community online and establish their philosophy through a series of micro-content films.

Our Approach

This creative idea was conceptualized in tandem with the Perseverance series. True community engagement required two things – consistency and variety. We did not want to saturate our audiences with only a singular perspective of how to chase one’s dream. While the Perseverance series is fictional, and is designed to inspire people to pursue their dreams, our ‘A Day in the Life’ series was created to give audiences a non-fictional, realistic portrayal of this journey. This series features artists like magician Karan Singh ‘Magic’, singer Sharvi Yadav, and choreographer Melvin Louis who made a decision to chase their dreams. They share their stories of all the obstacles they had to overcome to achieve their goals.


The campaign generated high levels of community engagement, with viewers commenting and sharing their own stories of their journeys in pursuit of a dream. The artists featured in this series were living embodiments of Arctic Fox’s beliefs, thereby adding credibility to the brand’s message and inspiring their community with real life examples.