WEEK 27: Keeping Up

Happy New Year!

Our new year pretty much picked up where last year left off. We are nearly finished with the Arctic Fox animation film. Here is a glimpse at the film’s protagonist:

An unexpected challenge we faced with this film was animating the snow. The film is set in the Arctic tundra, and a large part of that environment comprises of vast expanses of snow. Initially, we thought this would be relatively easier to animate, as opposed to a water body, for example. While snow is easier to animate that water, we still learned that a lot of detail goes into its animation, particularly the way in which it moves when animals interact with it.

Last year, we had created a film for Vedanta’s Nand Ghar initiative, which aims to protect and empower women and children in rural India. Due to a number of reasons, the release of the film was delayed, but it is finally out. You can watch it here.

The film uses music as a medium to showcase the limitless potential of a child’s imagination, and how Nand Ghars are helping bring children closer to their dreams (the music was composed by yours truly).

We have lots of interesting content planned for this year, and can’t wait to share it with you.

See you next week!


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